Annually in June, Athena, OR hosts the Hodaka Days Fest which commemorates the Pabatco company’s production of Hodaka bikes from 1964-78 in Athena. The four-day fest draws Hodaka bike enthusiasts from across the country, and even a small international crowd. Attendees camp in a park on the edge of town, and may participate in events: an ice cream social, parts swap, Hodaka member club meeting, special presentations, pancake breakfast, parade down main street, and the Bad Rock Reunion Trail Ride. I traveled from MN to OR this year to film, interview, and photograph fest attendees. I am currently working on editing this material, and completing several paintings based on photos I shot of bikers, community organizers, and the town. In June 2020, I will be displaying this work in the new Hodaka Museum opening at the soon-to-be-restored Gem Theater on Main Street.